Nightshift Records

Private Agenda - Affection

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Format: Digital
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Label: Nightshift

How would you feel if I wrote a song about you? Private Agenda’s latest EP, Affection is a soundtrack to those crash-and-burn romances. The backing track to your next hookup, the hold music to the next fuck-up. A synth-pop deluge of sweat and regret. A thematic and musical fusion of romantic pop songwriting and whirlwind dating culture. Four tracks which unite disparate underground influences, contemporary production and classic pop songwriting. A poke at pop’s mainstream with firm roots in the queer musical underground.

Opener, Instinct sets the scene, a blockships-thrusting slice of seductive synth-pop, real carnal and immediate. Ballad of a Bad Boy then checks the lovers’ pursuit, oozing melancholy. Change delights in referential classic pop with its romantic intimacy and wistful balladry, before closer Bedsheets whips off the old rags for a cathartic climatic cleanse, brimming with positivity and poise.